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Welcome to Luxury Hire Car Online, the home of luxury and prestige car rental on the net!

Specialising in luxury car hire around the World, we are able to match our customers specific requirements to high end, premium and luxury car rental at over 30,000 locations globally.

Our network of agents provide the very best in luxury car rental at surprisingly low prices. Rent a luxury car for not much more than a full size rental car and travel in style.

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Our fully inclusive luxury car hire packages offer an excellent choice for the business traveler looking to make a great first impression, or the leisure traveler looking for more luxury from their holiday rental. We offer a wide range of luxury and premium cars to rent from top marques such as Mercedes, BMW, Range Rover, Porsche, Ferrari and many more. We have leading luxury sports cars to rent such as the Lamborghini Gallardo or Porsche 911 and a wide range of luxury and premium saloons from the Jaguar XF to Mercedes E and S Class.


For those looking for a luxury 4x4 vehicles, we stock Range Rover Evoque and the Range Rover Sport among other larger luxury rental vehicles at select locations around the world. Luxury doesn't have to be expensive and often for just a little more you can drive away in a luxury rental vehicle offering exceptional value compared to the regular offering at the rental desk. If you choose a Mercedes E Class over a standard vehicle, you may pay as little at 20% more, however you have a luxury vehicle that would carry a significantly higher list price.


Renting a luxury car is booming as the economy recovers and travelers are happy to spend a little more on the finer things in life. So much so, that as demand has grown, luxury rental fleets are ever increasing and we are offering premium rentals in more and more locations around the world to satisfy demand. Our core locations are also adding to their fleet with the UK (London) being the biggest market for luxury car hire in the world with other capital cities catching up as the trend is set for luxury car rental. Get an instant quote today and you'll be surprised how cheap renting a luxury car can be!
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"I book travel and car rentals for the company executives who require premium car rentals, since finding Luxury Rental Cars, it's been quick and easy to book premium cars and prices are very competitive!"

-Anne, UK

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